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Created on 04 February 2013 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
Blog articles Category: Football
Published on 04 February 2013

The rush pass is not the just issue of the defense of San Francisco 49ers that the Ravens would have to fight next to in Super Bowl of Sunday, they will even require to break throughout that front seven in case they wish to run the game ball. For Ravens to be victorious in the passing match, and for the offense to just not become single dimensional, running fine would be the key. Balance is what triumph contest, but appropriately executing that balanced loom is very necessary. And it is certainly moving to be tough on the Sunday.

On the game season, the defense of Niners positioned 3rd next to the run, permitting the average of rushing 94 yards for each game and total 3.8 yards for each rush. The Niners are close to the top of the pack, only providing up a simple seven of them above the course of the normal game season.
It is not as while the Ravens are any outsider to strong running defenses. In the divisional game round of the contests, for instance, they meet Denver Broncos and their 4th on the whole positioned running defense as well as managed total 155 yards on the field on the total 39 runs, along with Ray Rice leading the manner along with total 131 yards and the score on the total 30 carries. Plainly, running fine next to a top defense may be finished, even in soaring stakes matches like the contest and the game of Super Bowl

It all arrives down to loom. Ravens may be victorious running also up the center or on the outer surface, they only require to know what they are looking at the time it arrives to Niners defense and how finest to exploit this. Ben Stockwell of the Pro Football Focus indicates the Ravens are quite transparent at the time it arrives to the personnel on the ground dictating whether they pass or run the game ball.

He comments that Ravens, under Jim Caldwell the offensive coordinator, run the game ball only percent 25 of the time at the time in 11 personnel, just single tight end, single running back, and the only three wide receivers, even as they do so total 66 percent of time in the 21 personnel, the only two running backs, just one tight end and the only two receivers. He even indicates that the 21 personnel will force 49ers to effort out of their bottom defense that completely sets up the Ravens completely to run up the center successfully.

For 49ers, that bottom defense defines a traditional three to four alignment, along with Isaac Sopoaga in the position of nose tackle. Even as Sopoaga is the essential part of their rush pass, his skill to push reverse offensive linemen as well as make gaps for their rushing linebackers is the great plus, he is small more of the liability next to the run.


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Last Updated on 31 March 2014
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Created on 01 February 2013 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
Blog articles Category: Soccer
Published on 01 February 2013

At times in the heat of the moment, football players go in for wild tackles earning themselves a booking from the referee. Some players though, seemingly completely lose it and do the stupidest things to earn themselves a RED CARD and instant dismissal from the pitch leaving their team short of a player. Here I have collected a series of the craziest incidents in football where players totally lose the plot for a moment earning themselves a place in my list of Football’s Softest Sending Offs.


Fernando Torres – 28/10/1012
In one the most hotly contested contests in the Premier League, Chelsea were already down to 10 men (Ivanovic got sent off) when Torres was shown his second yellow card for appearing to dive following a challenge from United’s Jonny Evans. Could Torres have continued to play after the seemingly weak challenge? Or had he already lost control of the ball and decided to fake a dive? Whatever the real reason it was pretty lame and Chelsea had to continue with only 9 players.



John Heitinga
Spanish player Andres Iniesta seemed to take a dive after the slightest contact from Holland’s Heitinga in the 2010 World Cup Final. To make matters worse, the Dutchman had his hands raised when Iniesta ‘fell’ to indicate he wasn’t making a challenge. Still, referee Howard Webb saw something that earned Heitinga an early exit from the pitch.


Joey Barton – 2/10/2005
One of Premier League’s most controversial player (some would say dirtiest) received the first red card of his career in the daftest of ways. With his team down 3-0 and the half time whistle about to blow, the referee again cautions Barton. Instead of keeping his mouth shut and walking to the dressing rooms, he decides to give the referee another piece of his mind leaving the referee no option but to book him for his verbal abuse.

Paul Scholes – 29//0/08
This has got to be right up there! Instead of using his head on the end of a superb cross (or any other part of his body), Scholes chose to use his hand to slap the ball into the back of the net! For this brainless act, he earned himself a second yellow card and a ban resulting in him missing the Champions League opening game.


Lee Cattermole – 04/03/2012
Another of football’s controversial figures, the mid-fielder added to his red card tally in ridiculous style! Already booked for a dreadful tackle in the first minute of the match, the Sunderland captain gave the ref an earful with abusive foul language and earned himself a red card – only this was after the whistle had been blown for full time!


Brian Stock – 05/01/2013
Although only yellow carded for this offense, a second booking in the game resulted in a red card for the Burnley player. The thing was the first yellow shouldn’t have been given. Stock was pushed in the back and hit on the back of the head then mistakenly booked for a foul - part of the risk in football; a work accident compensation claim in other employment!


Arjen Robben – 15/01/2006
Here’s a classic example of ‘From Hero to Zero’ After scoring a sweet goal that put his Chelsea team in front 2-1, Robben was so thrilled he ran off the pitch to share his jubilation with the fans. The referee promptly showed him a yellow card for excessive celebration, his second of the match, earning him an early shower.


Zinedine Zidane
Finally, the list wouldn’t be complete without this controversial incident. In the World Cup Final 1996, the Frenchman was given his marching orders by the ref. After lots of shirt tugging by Italian player Materazzi, something he said made Zidane suddenly flip out and head-butt the Italian in the chest knocking him to the ground. It was an unfortunate exit for one of the world’s greatest players.



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Last Updated on 31 March 2014
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Created on 02 January 2013 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
Blog articles Category: Basket Ball
Published on 02 January 2013

Sports massage and basketball go hand in hand. In fact, basketball players that will need to be in peak physical shape ahead of each competitive game will profit immensely if they are capable to get the proper sort of massage therapy. The greatest in sports massage that involves use of highest quality compression methods can do a basketball player a lot of good quality. In fact, compression approach plays an imperative role in regard to sports massage and basketball player's capability to execute at their peak for the duration of a competitive game.

Compression Methods

All that is expected is undergoing compression procedures about a day before the game and as soon as a lot more about half an hour before the occasion as this will assure that there is little drop in efficiency throughout the game. All the same, there are other factors as well why sports massage and basketball go collectively. In reality, whenever a basketball player requires to loosen up just after a difficult game or wishes to recover from coaching in the fitness center or wants some indicates to relax they must consider about the advantages of sports massage and basketball and undergo a session of sports massage that will re-energize them and have them raring to go after extra.

In regard to why sports massage and basketball go hand in hand it should be mentioned that basketball players need to have higher stamina and for this and to also obtain about thirty % even more in their performance abilities, sports massage is the most effective selection on hand to them. Other reasons why sports massage and basketball go hand in hand contain that recovery time is quicker, specially if the basketball player suffers from micro harm as also any sort of trauma from their workouts.

Sports massage and basketball complement one an additional due to the fact sports massage allows the basketball player to strengthen their flexibility as well as widen their range of movement. In addition, sports massage assists the basketball player get welcome relief from fatigue and right after a session of sports massage will really feel additional rejuvenated - each mentally as well as physically.

Sports massage and basketball is good due to the fact the former assists to minimize strain on the body of the basketball player as and when they make repetitive motions and even if the basketball player gets injured sports massage will improve and cut down the healing time.

Sports massage will advantage the basketball player by making certain that they are capable to follow a routine that is healthy and which aids them to be effectively prepared for a grueling game of basketball.

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Last Updated on 02 January 2013
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Created on 06 January 2013 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
Blog articles Category: Cricket
Published on 06 January 2013


Irrespective of what takes place to the rest of his cricketing career, Mahendra Singh Dhoni will generally be remembered for winning the 2011 Planet Cup with that magnificent six, at the Wankhede Stadium.

The way he just stood there watching the ball sail into the crowd and then nonchalantly swished the bat about in his left hand is an indelible memory and brings the goosebumps even now.

If any gesture actually signified ‘ cool,’ it was that. It was shot that won the World Cup and fulfilled the dreams and aspirations of a cricket mad nation after 28 years of wait. But the perpetrator of that moment was just so calm when all else about him was pure bedlam. Possessing met him a couple of days immediately after that super moment, I told him that if I know that my time is up in this globe then would like to see that shot and then leave with a smile my face.

Cricket being the remarkable leveller has now brought about the turn of the wheel for the substantially adored skipper, who is the target of the ire of Indian supporters.

One of the a large number of admirable qualities of the Indian skipper is his willingness to front up the media when the team is not performing effectively. We all know that he is hardly in the frame when the trophy is getting passed on and it’s the fringe players and assistance employees, who are invariably in the front row the photographs which are splashed all round India and the planet.

On the days when the group does properly, he sends the player who has performed to meet the media. But when the group has been defeated, he is the 1 who goes to bear the fury of the media. He has stated that he is ready to be the punching bag if it indicates that the pressure on the rest of his group is diluted. It requires supreme courage and self-assurance to go a press conference when the team has lost and that as well immediately after the match is over, when the media sit back and analyse what went wrong.

The inquiries will be sharp and particularly irreverent and way more sometimes than not bordering on perceptions, gossip and not real knowledge.

To be able to handle all that with a smile and patience is a genuinely splendid excellent, and what the media should certainly understand is that by carrying out so he is helping them in their jobs.

In spite of getting pilloried in the media in current times, Dhoni understands their tension and is prepared to help. The 4 pillars of the game are players, administration, media and the fans. When they perform well then the fifth pillar the sponsors come on board to strengthen the structure.

What the Indian skipper’s frequent interaction with the media shows is his respect and understanding of their function in making this game trendy.

Hopefully, the media will also appreciate that and while that need to not mean that there will need to be no criticism of him, they ought to be able to distinguish him from one who appreciate their difficulties.

He is not amongst those who refuse to meet the media, and do their operate by means of their public relations agencies.

They also have their own males in the media who will write what they want to be written about themselves and so get their views expressed. They know that the media needs them significantly more than they will need the media and whilst they have their personal spokespersons, they don’t honestly have to meet anybody.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni may possibly not remain too extended as the skipper, going by the way the group is performing at the moment.

As always the clamour is for a alter at the leading rather than dropping the non performing players. If that happens then the media greater pray that the next individual, who takes over the charge, appreciates their issues as a lot as the present skipper does.

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Last Updated on 06 January 2013
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Created on 01 January 2013 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
Blog articles Category: Soccer
Published on 01 January 2013

As the title said Strength, Speed and Agility the keys in Soccer.This article is focused of these key points which mostly young soccer players should follow.


This article explains following points:

1.What to Focus on in Soccer Coaching


3.Playing Soccer with the family and friends

4.Repetition Encourages Perfection


1.What to Focus on in Soccer Coaching

Strength, speed, and agility are all imperative skills when it comes to the game of soccer. It is clear why speed is fundamental in soccer: soccer is a quickly paced game. The way more potential you have to hold up with the ball and outrun other players, the much more most likely you are to accomplish major plays for your team. Soccer demands lots of quick spurts of speed inside a common marathon like running session, so develop your speed over both brief and extended distances. Agility is also beneficial in soccer. This will assist you dodge other players, safeguard the goal, and  make contact with the ball. Soccer training does not commonly concentrate on strength, but it is an area that will enable you to honestly enable your group. Building your strength will also allow you to perform soccer skills improved, over a longer period of time, than your opponents. Focusing on these three regions will permit you to be a threat on any soccer area.



Flexibility is beneficial to soccer players without it, they are at threat for injury. It is all too convenient for soccer players to overextend themselves and lead to muscle or ligament harm. All soccer players will need to discover how to stretch appropriately, and do so daily. Coaches will need to educate themselves in right stretching procedures and then pass that information on to their players. A high-quality stretching session should certainly last about 15 minutes. Stretching ought to take place ahead of practice, and cool-down workout routines must take spot afterwards. Some stretches soccer players need are rather straight forward other individuals are rather complex. When trying a new stretch, players must constantly know what muscle groups they are supposed to be focusing on. Don't forget to stretch effectively and stretch frequently to assure muscle flexibility.


3.Playing Soccer with the Family and friends

As an athlete, you will need to realize that your experience and ability as a soccer player is ultimately determined by oneself. Practice both on and off the field is key. Every single of us, no matter how substantially we try to hide it, has her own strengths and weaknesses on the field. Practice at home can give the double advantage of spending time with loved ones and enhancing your game. Even if you only go by way of drills that your coach has taught you, you will boost your ability on the playing field. If you practice at residence, it is most likely that other household members will turn out to be interested in soccer. Extend an invitation to your parents to play with you or to come to your games. Even if all you do is dribble the ball to and from practice, this in itself will increase your ball handling potential.


4.Repetition Encourages Perfection

Soccer practice is all about repetition. It is each common and smart for a player to repeat a drill about twenty times or significantly more before starting yet another drill. All of these drills will also most likely be repeated from practice to practice and from season to season. Most drills are created to focus on developing and refining the simple moves in soccer, such as shooting, dribbling, and passing. It is valuable for players, coaches, and parents to fully understand that this repetition will encourage perfection on the field. Coaches ought to count on the overall performance level to raise with repetition. If a player does it wrong, a player should repeat it until he or she can do it right. The end goal of repetitive drills is for a player to grow to be so superior at a certain ability that he or she can carry out it flawlessly and reflexively.


So start concentrating on these key points and you will soon start observing improvements in your skills.

To improve your skills you also need to upgrade your kit. Here are some important upgrades you should consider:


Today you will see lots of verity in shoes but according to my knowledge you must go with any of the following shoes. They are light, comfortable and having good grip.

1. adidas  F5 TRX FG Soccer Shoe

2. Puma Powercat 4.12 Fg Soccer Cleat

3. Nike Mercurial Victory III Soccer Cleats White/Solar Red

Star Kick Soccer Trainer

1. SKLZ Star Kick Soccer Trainer



Adwait Kulkarni

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Last Updated on 01 January 2013

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