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Created on 09 April 2010 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
Blog articles Category: Golf
Published on 09 April 2010

GPS systems are becoming more popular with golfers, but not all golf players are making use of them. GPS (Global Positioning System) and rangefinders are devices which are condemned by many for removing the requirement of a specific ability from golf, the distance estimation, and hence considered derogatory for the game. To deduce that using these devices is not sportive or even cheating is a little over the top because by the telling the distance it only helps in the right selection of the club to hit the ball, it doesn't change the swing in anyway. Add a comment

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Created on 07 April 2010 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
Blog articles Category: Basket Ball
Published on 07 April 2010

It needs a lot of commitment and training for the game of Basketball. Some principles and techniques of the game, those are to be practiced to better your skills and performance.

Ball handling is the first most crucial fundamental in any position of basketball. It’s a requirement to be able to dribble and maneuver the ball in the court and around defensive opponents.

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Created on 04 April 2010 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
Blog articles Category: Cricket
Published on 04 April 2010

Have you ever seen the God....? I have.... he opens batting for Indian cricket team......! Yes. This is the correct term to introduce a born talented cricketer who is still playing at the age of 36 with 20 years outstanding contribution to the game of cricket. I am feeling proud that I am his countryman. A master blaster, little master, great player, blah, blah, blah are the secondary suffixes but the real one is “The God Of Cricket Sir Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar”.


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Created on 06 April 2010 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
Blog articles Category: Tennis
Published on 06 April 2010

In the past decade, substantial changes have taken place in Woman's Tennis. The players have transformed from strategic and delightful forms of Lindsay Davenport and Steffi Graf to energetic and aggressive forms of William Sisters. The style of execution of games have changed drastically.Once as much a mind game as a power game, it is becoming more of a muscular game, and a competition of stamina, who would first tire whom?Its a known fact that the game has changed and is changing spontaneously but the question is why?


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Created on 27 March 2010 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
Blog articles Category: General
Published on 27 March 2010

Hi! Today I am going to say something about the condition of sports in India. I am from India so obviously I love my country a lot. But still I am expressing my feelings  that bother me about our condition in sports.

 The disappointing performance of the Indian athletes and players in the Olympic, has produced the people to assume about the con­dition of sports in India. Despite our substantial size in terms of popula­tion, we have not been capable to leave our impact on international sports. Otherwise also Indian sports has not been capable to obtain the regular which they had been supposed to achieve. Athletes have been significantly beneath the normal and considering the fact that the Olympic games began India has been capable to bag hardly a handful of gold medals. Moreover, most of the medals have been bagged either by our Hockey team or by our wrestlers. Does it imply that the people in India have no interest in sports and games.

In reality it has been once again and once again pointed out that politics in the Sports Organizations of India has spoiled the sports. The selec­tions are mainly based on favoritism and some of the outstanding sports persons are just ignored simply because they do not take place to be associated to some influential person. Moreover, the sports bodies go on organizing tours and matches fielding sub-typical sports person devoid of considering that the national pride will get a severe set­back in case we are unable to win. Some of the Ministers and the political leaders want to be at the helm of affairs so that they could possibly be in a position to embezzle sports funds. Beneath such circumstances, it is not achievable to raise the regular of sports in India.

Another explanation for the decline of sports in India is that we have been mostly concentrating upon the young persons living in the cities. We have ignored the villagers, the tribal individuals and other individuals. In reality those who reside in the cities commonly do not delight in fantastic well being considering of the polluted atmosphere and filthy atmosphere. As they are brought up in the lap of luxury they can not be hardily consumers. But in order to draw the interest of the villagers to sports we will have to have playgrounds as well as the facility for playing games in the villages. Competitions amongst the villages really should be arranged periodically.

The sports competitions should really be offered a great deal publi­city and should really be organized on a grand scale. Similarly, some adventurous coaches ought to get hold of the tribal young many people for importing instruction in the unique fields of sports and games. Per­haps these individuals can participate in some of the sports events like lengthy jumps, archery, higher jumps and races in a alot more productive manner.

Sports persons in India have to suffer as a result of they are not given correct facilities. Sportspersons require exceptionally wealthy diet program and also specific other situations which may well develop their talent appropriately. Some of the major sportsmen or ladies are offered jobs in effective firms but the sportspersons of the reduced grade are entirely ignored. When they retire from active sports they do not have anything to fall back upon. No financial guide is given by any institution. This discourages the young individuals from taking part in sports.

Above all sports facilities are not provided to the young chil­dren in huge cities. They cannot play whichever game they like, only since they have to go to far off places for joining a club or a sports organization. There really should be playgrounds in every single colony and just about every kid should really have a free access to it. Moreover, competi­tions among them should certainly be encouraged. It is far better if some dynamic particular person should really be provided the duty of generating really good sports­men or women. Till we make a definite policy for developing sports in India, straight forward education and coaching will not assist them. There really should be free exchange of sportsmen and females so that they are able to study some thing about the international common.


When we consider of the word ‘sports’ we construe it as a previous-time, a suggests of leisure and a essential to fitness, but do we think of it as a career? It is estimated that out of ten many people only one aspires to take up sports as a career. When asked why, the apparent answer we get is “there is no scope“. When we dig deeper, we get to know that people take into consideration sports as an activity that is limited to school and nobody goes beyond that to think of it as a means of earning ones each day bread. Parents refrain from encouraging their children from opting for sports as a career and teachers also lay a great deal more emphasis on research. Sports do not command the very same amount of respect as studies. But for individuals like Unmukt Chand The 19-year-old failed to attain the minimum attendance necessary by his college because of his tournaments, but following significantly debate, he was allowed to sit for the examinations. This instils a hope that the instances are changing, the old notions are fading away and new ones are getting adopted. The government of India has also introduced a variety of incentives for the promotion of sports such as the ‘Come and Play‘ scheme.

We could have a lot of Dhonis but it’s tough to discover even more Mary Koms and Sania Nehwals owing to the gender discrimination that has paved its way into sports. Sports and ladies are the two opposite ends of a pole. The society does not encourage girls to be an active element of sports, moreover they are viewed as to be delicate creatures and their possible in sports is questioned.

Despite its huge population, India is nearly generally at the bottom in the Olympics medal tally since of the lack of facilities supplied. The dreams of sportspersons of winning medals for India at the Olympics are shattered as they are not provided with appropriate resources. India nevertheless lacks high quality coaches, correct infrastructure and other helpful schemes which the government can produce, therefore the failure to acquire medals.

Yuvraj Singh is back on the field: The former fought cancer like a hero and is now ready to make India proud on the cricket field, when again. Such stories motivate the youth and they aspire to be like such many people. As a result the media plays a extremely important role in assisting sports turn out to be additional fashionable. The failures and successes of a sports star from a distinct sport regularly highlight that sport. But it breaks my heart to see that cricket is hyped everywhere, be it on news channels, newspapers, magazines and in films such as Lagaan and Patiala Home to name a handful of.

You need to have played Cricket at least when in your life. But did Hockey, Tennis or even Swimming appeal to you as much as Cricket did? Given that childhood, you will need to have study about it, listened to the commentaries, observed it, written about it and of course, played it. This is due to the fact that Cricket in India has been promoted to a really good extent. Now if one particular wants to turn out to be a cricketer, nothing is going to shatter his dream, but if he desires to become a swimmer, then it is subsequent to impossible. The onus is on the government to promote every sport equally by means of diverse events, schemes and scholarships. Only then India can create significantly more of Mary Koms and Sainas along with the Sachins and Sehwags.


Thanks Adwait Kulkarni


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