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Created on 14 March 2014 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
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Published on 14 March 2014

Constructing a sports arena mainly focuses on its safety and compliance to the standards of steel buildings. With the increasing popularity of minor and major sports all around the world, this has demanded sports arenas to be unique in structure and huge in accommodation. This can be given with steel structure and built with utmost quality and durability even with a lesser cost compared to the traditional methods of construction. In this article, you will discover how various engineering and architectural processes have made steel buildings efficient as sports arenas.


Steel Buildings: Sports Arena Made Possible with Space Frames


One of the best examples of steel in sports arena is space frame. Engineers and architects saw how important it is to make new structural forms with a high accommodation. Space frames made of steel has been the major player in sports arenas since it is flexible in terms of layout and offers different kinds of configuration. You will notice this advantage in large columns or long span structures that necessitate special forms.


Advantages of Using Steel in Sports Arenas


There are many benefits derived in using steel for sports arena. One advantage is that it can be built in a short period of time without increasing costs. There are many options when you use steel for sports arenas and benefits as well:


·         Sustainability. One of the major advantages in using steel for sports arena is the high sustainability where it can be recycled and used into another way. Nonetheless, if the building seems to be usable, it can be utilized for other businesses or events.


·         Temperatures. The prefabricated steel in sports arenas can withstand extreme temperatures and good for skating rinks.


·         Low Maintenance. Aside from lowering the construction costs, using steel for sports arenas helps lower any additional costs for design since it is flexible compared to other materials. You can do different things and designs by using steel without adding costs. It also requires low maintenance from the fact that it does not need any pest control as termites and other wood loving insects cannot destroy this material. Steel is also free from molds and mildew for a very long time, which makes it easy to clean up.


Different Sports Arena Made of Steel


Of course, proving that steel is the best for building sports arena cannot be complete without citing some examples found worldwide. Here are some of the steel buildings used as sports arena:


  • Sapporo Dome (Japan) – this is made of a saucer-like roof permitting sunlight and fresh air to move in and out of the stadium.


  •  Sochi Olympic Stadium (Russia) – this features glass and steel in one that presents a translucent appearance.
  • Beijing National Stadium (China) – this is designed according to Chinese ceramics and is incomparable to any other stadium. It is also known as Bird’s Nest with spectacular asymmetrical design made possible with steel beams.


There are many more structures that host massive events in any city. Using steel to build these sports arenas has given not only good accommodation but also breathtaking surroundings from steel buildings.


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