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Created on 14 March 2014 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
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Published on 14 March 2014

Constructing a sports arena mainly focuses on its safety and compliance to the standards of steel buildings. With the increasing popularity of minor and major sports all around the world, this has demanded sports arenas to be unique in structure and huge in accommodation. This can be given with steel structure and built with utmost quality and durability even with a lesser cost compared to the traditional methods of construction. In this article, you will discover how various engineering and architectural processes have made steel buildings efficient as sports arenas.


Steel Buildings: Sports Arena Made Possible with Space Frames


One of the best examples of steel in sports arena is space frame. Engineers and architects saw how important it is to make new structural forms with a high accommodation. Space frames made of steel has been the major player in sports arenas since it is flexible in terms of layout and offers different kinds of configuration. You will notice this advantage in large columns or long span structures that necessitate special forms.


Advantages of Using Steel in Sports Arenas


There are many benefits derived in using steel for sports arena. One advantage is that it can be built in a short period of time without increasing costs. There are many options when you use steel for sports arenas and benefits as well:


·         Sustainability. One of the major advantages in using steel for sports arena is the high sustainability where it can be recycled and used into another way. Nonetheless, if the building seems to be usable, it can be utilized for other businesses or events.


·         Temperatures. The prefabricated steel in sports arenas can withstand extreme temperatures and good for skating rinks.


·         Low Maintenance. Aside from lowering the construction costs, using steel for sports arenas helps lower any additional costs for design since it is flexible compared to other materials. You can do different things and designs by using steel without adding costs. It also requires low maintenance from the fact that it does not need any pest control as termites and other wood loving insects cannot destroy this material. Steel is also free from molds and mildew for a very long time, which makes it easy to clean up.


Different Sports Arena Made of Steel


Of course, proving that steel is the best for building sports arena cannot be complete without citing some examples found worldwide. Here are some of the steel buildings used as sports arena:


  • Sapporo Dome (Japan) – this is made of a saucer-like roof permitting sunlight and fresh air to move in and out of the stadium.


  •  Sochi Olympic Stadium (Russia) – this features glass and steel in one that presents a translucent appearance.
  • Beijing National Stadium (China) – this is designed according to Chinese ceramics and is incomparable to any other stadium. It is also known as Bird’s Nest with spectacular asymmetrical design made possible with steel beams.


There are many more structures that host massive events in any city. Using steel to build these sports arenas has given not only good accommodation but also breathtaking surroundings from steel buildings.


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Last Updated on 16 March 2014
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Created on 01 May 2013 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
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Published on 01 May 2013
Print career of many professional athletes is not long lasting, especially those which require being at the peak of physical fitness to keep on top of their game and ahead of the rest. The time will come, all too soon for some, when going out of the game gracefully is the logical thing to do, leaving a void to be filled where there was once fame, admiration, competition and money. Many athletes looking for that competitive atmosphere after their careers are over turn to the world of poker. Poker provides the need for competition, thrill, and the love of winning that a retired sports star has experienced during his professional career. One famous example is Boris Becker, the former World Number One tennis player from Germany. Becker was the ultimate competitor during his tennis career, and is regarded as one of the greatest professional tennis players of all time. In a career that spanned over 15 years, he won 49 major titles including 6 Grand Slams. He’s been playing poker for the past few years, becoming a regular fixture on the live scene. Like most sports personalities, Becker started to develop his skills while playing online poker after his professional career was done. Online sites like partypoker provided him with the venue to play the game right in the comfort of his own home. Professional sports and poker both require intense concentration, good decision making, stamina and constant improvement to one’s game. Although some people may argue, Poker is now considered as a sport. It is a sport that requires little physical activity, but the adrenaline rush that it provides the player is what makes it such a great sport. This is probably the reason why so many sports personality shift to playing poker once their respective sport careers are over. Many of the attributes needed in successful poker players are those demanded in professional athletes, like high levels of concentration, focus and determination. Athletes who have successfully made the transition into professional poker includes football players like Tony Cascarino and Teddy Sheringham, and Rugby Union’s Raphael Ibanez.

A lot of sports stars who play poker also take part in the game in order to help other people through charity. Celebrity poker tournaments are organized as a way to give back to the community and famous athletes have been known to participate in these events. Former UFC heavyweight champion {Randy “The Natural” Couture} has transitioned his energy and enthusiasm from training and fighting to raising stakes in poker games. Couture was one of the organizers of an annual charity poker tournament that benefited injured veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The event brought out the biggest names in poker and MMA like current UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, as well as other stars of sports and entertainment.

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Last Updated on 21 March 2014
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Created on 04 March 2013 Written by Idania
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Published on 04 March 2013

Traveling to Miami is an extremely fun experience. The activities to do in Miami include visiting the South Beach, the famous zoo Miami, the seaquarium, the everglades National Park, the Children’s museum, the Science museum and to top it all, go for sport fishing. Sport fishing in Miami is as exciting as it can be and every year many visitors come to Miami just to catch a sea monster of the Atlantic and have yourself clicked with your catch. The catch and release policy is also widely practiced to preserve the ecological balance of the ocean. The climate in Miami is perfect for an adventure unto the clear blue Florida sea and enjoy the amazing thrill of sport fishing. Fishes caught include the Tuna, the snapper, the sail fish, the mahi-mahi, the shark, the kingfish, the grouper, the wahoo and many more. It is an exciting experience to grab the catch of your lifetime and proudly say to the world about your amazing angling skills. Not only experienced anglers, but also first-timers can catch fish in Miami under the guidance of local experts who take you to the sea on chartered boats.

Finding a chartered boat for sport fishing is the first thing that you should do while going for the adventure. There are chartered boats of all sizes, price points and types leaving the Miami shore throughout the day. You can even let your hotel arrange a fishing trip for your convenience as most fishing companies have tie ups with hotels at the place. Of course, if you want to arrange the boats for yourself, you can do it too without delay. Since there are so many fishing companies offering their services, you are bound to find some good deals and discounts if you search hard enough. The boats are available in slots. The slots are half day, three quarter day and full day. Some companies also offer night fishing trips.

Choosing the right charter boat for sport fishing should be your primary concern. If you are acting on references then it is well and good. You have to essentially choose a boat that can take you to the spot where fishes are available. The only way to accomplish that is to talk with different fishing companies, until you find the right boat to take you to the sea. If you can, then try to have a talk with the captains of the boats and not their agents. As it is natural, you have to go by the vibes of communication to find the right fishing service to get you to the sea. Also, try to book a charter boat in early morning as watching the sun rise over the Atlantic is a beautiful experience that you would not want to miss. The best way to find the right charter boat is to do some prior research via the internet about the key fishing locations and see that the boat is taking you to the locations that you have already chalked out for yourself.


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Last Updated on 21 March 2014
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Created on 11 April 2013 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
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Published on 11 April 2013

The world is getting smaller every day. With the internet connecting us in ways we never thought possible before, new personal relationships and professional endeavours are being formed across countries. One great example is the online sports betting and casino business, a sector which has been taking over the world since the first gambling site launched in 1995. This multi-billion dollar industry enjoys massive popularity with bettors, whether they prefer sports betting, casino games, racebooks or poker rooms. However, with the ease of access afforded by online gaming comes a whole host of legal pitfalls.
Every country has its own views on gambling and different ways to deal with it. The UK liberalised their laws in 2003 because they felt betting had changed and become more socially acceptable. They decreed that as long as it was not connected to crime and disorder, it was positive and the industry should be supported. Most member states of the EU agree except Germany who have banned all types except horseracing and impose large taxes on winnings from abroad. While many provinces in Canada allow online gambling, the laws governing the 50 different U.S states are a confusing minefield for bettors and bookmakers alike.

Despite the complex nature of international law, there is a huge demand from bettors to find overseas gambling sites which deal with their favourite sport. Although Australian citizens are forbidden from opening online casinos in their own country, sports gambling is legal and very popular there. They have a unique sporting environment with a focus on rugby and cricket as well as Aussie rules football. There are plenty of bettors from across the world who go to Australian sites like BetFair to gain from their expert knowledge and find the best lines.
Of course, it’s pure logic that the country with the most knowledge and heritage in your favourite sport will offer the best odds. NHL fans often go to Canadian betting sites if they want to put some money on a puck line, even though services in other countries will offer NHL bets. Canucks are experts when it comes to hockey and the accuracy of their lines reflect that. Sites like help hockey fans from around the world find the best Canadian sports betting services and compare lines between each of them to ensure the best NHL experience.

With the restrictions placed on US bettors they are usually forced to go to overseas sites, even to bet on their national sports like baseball and the NFL. US bettors themselves are subject to their own state law but luckily there are hundreds of sites worldwide who cater for popular American sports leagues and will accept custom from the US. Because of the wonder of online betting, gamblers and sports enthusiasts across the world are able to participate in bets they never could have before. Even more countries are starting to get involved as many see the economic benefits to online gaming.

This rush to join the revolution and take advantage of each country’s different gaming laws is creating healthy competition throughout the industry. One of the first online casinos hailed from the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda, and through excellent foresight they continue to grant licenses to large online gambling organisations. Other small countries host large international gaming brands; Bwin is based in Austria and is licensed by the government of Gibraltar. Some poker operations are run from the U.S., but almost all are licensed in Las Vegas.

What lessons can bettors learn from all this? If you are going to spend money on online gaming, you want to make sure you get the best bets for your buck as the site’s country of origin will have an effect. Not only that, but it’s important to check that the site you intend to use is operating within the limits of the law, both in its own country and yours. You could be subject to restrictions by your nation’s government so if you’re going to bet you must be informed! Aside from that, make sure you have fun and with a bit of luck and a touch of skill you might be vacationing in one of these places sooner than you think!

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Last Updated on 31 March 2014

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