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Created on 24 April 2011 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
Blog articles Category: Hockey
Published on 24 April 2011

Hockey is a ambitious, quick acting game in which 2 squads each compiled of 6 players use sticks try to place a rubber disc into the opposite team's goal. The game is harsh with dozens of striking and has turn a familiar sport in much of the mankind. Ice hockey can be played open air on frigid lakes or indoors in a field. The gear in ice hockey is different from other sports and has its roots are in the lakes of the Great White North. The discs, called hockey puck, is built from vulcanised rubber, where as ice hockey sticks are traditionally built by wood but now a days are more frequently built of aluminum or graphite.

There are many types of shots that can be implemented while playing the Ice Hockey, viz:

Slap shot: It is the basic shot and is drew from the player's forehand side. It's created as a right-handed player puts his left hand at the lead of the stick and the remaining hand down the rod, the player then agitates his weight onto his left leg, and the resultant power of the shot comes from the shoulder, arm, wrist, and right hand.

Wrist shots: These are implemented by using the power in wrist to power the puck towards the goal.

Snap shot: It is similar to the wrist shot but uses a combination of wrist snap, leverage & impact to direct the puck  rapidly and precisely.

Backhand shots: These are the lowest powerful but typically caught the goalkeeper off one's guard since the body of the player is looking off from the goal. It's a too hard shot for the goalkeeper to expect.

A goal is validly considered when the puck gets over the goal line but fans more frequently react to the net heaving from the flying puck.


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