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Created on 04 April 2011 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
Blog articles Category: Tennis
Published on 04 April 2011

Choosing the advantageous racket head size is crucial when deciding the finest tennis racket for your game.

Visualizing how to prefer a tennis racket can be a dashing job. Amongst the numerous conditions for your fresh racket purchase are grip size, racket makeup, string concentration, tennis racket head size and more.

Choosing the advantageous racket head size is extremely important to beginning players as well as advanced and expert players. Many newbie tennis players find that using a tennis racket with an outsized head allows them with a bigger hitting area and, therefore, allows them to make contact with the ball on the more accurately. Bigger heads offer more confidence since the player generally undergoes less mis-hits. Outsized rackets are generally between 105 and 125 square inches. In common, players with bounded mobility may also benefit from a bigger racket head size as well.


Opposite to that, expert players generally benefit from using a tennis racket with a lower racket head. Lower racket heads allow more maneuverability and generally develop less power and more command although the weight of the racket is an authoritative element in the power-control equation. You will observe that most of the players on the master tour play with lower heads. They rarely require help generating pace and also lean to bang a cleaner shot near the sweet spot of the racket so they do not require help with either power or with their ability to bang strong shots.

Although it might appear complex, keep in mind the common rule that a bigger racket head size usually means that the racket will give more power than one with a lower racket head. Larger racket heads offer more pardon for off-centered shots. Rackets with lower heads provide lower power but more appropriate control and are usually more appropriate for more experienced players who can develop their own power.

Hold in brain that each player may give different preferences and the above info is common in nature. Try out with different rackets through a practice sessions at your local sporting goods store or tennis professional shop so you'll be able to get a sense for what will work out best for you and your particular game and style. Make sure to describe your game to the racket adviser or your local tennis instructor so that he or she may offer the correct guidance and advice for your racket purchase.


All the best! Have a happy buying!

-Adwait Kulkarni

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