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Created on 23 November 2010 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
Blog articles Category: Tennis
Published on 23 November 2010


With some players on the ATP tour spending a lot of time and energy campaigning for the right to enjoy a longer break at the end of what represents a grueling and exhausting tennis season each year, officials at the ATP have reacted positively by granting the participants on the tour a total of seven weeks off in comparison to the current month away from the game they are allowed to experience.

Even though seven weeks may seem like a long time to us, and certainly a better deal than most non-sportsmen and women are granted in their day jobs, Andy Murray has been just one of several high-profile players who have voiced their opinion that if players are to enjoy longer careers at the highest level, they will require a far longer break at the end of each season.

Despite the seven week time period and complaints from highly paid players undoubtedly seeming excessive to some outside the game, players know all too well that they have limited earning potential once their career is over. Therefore, it's no great surprise to those looking at barclays atp tour betting that players are desperately looking for ways to ensure that they can remain competitive for as long as they can.

Many players have claimed over the past few years that a rigorous tour schedule has caused all manner of injuries, which has subsequently forced fans to witness a far lower standard of tennis than they would be able to observe if players had enough time to fully recuperate at the end of the season, so perhaps when the longer break comes into play we can expect to see more players able to compete with the likes of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. 

Whether this will be the case or not will be seen in 2012, when the new changes are due to be implemented. However, this particular change in rules on the ATP tour sadly may come too late for players such as Federer, who is beginning to approach the final period of his career.


Overall though, if in general players are able to put on a better show and prolong their careers, this change to the schedule could prove to be a winner for both current and future players, as well as tennis fans and tennis betting pundits across the globe.{jcomments on}

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