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Created on 28 January 2009 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
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Published on 27 March 2010

Manchester United is one of the most exhilarating clubs in Europe. When you obtain the tickets of this club then you not only get a chance to see the thrilling game of this club, however it also gives you an opportunity to become familiar with the atmosphere of Old Trafford.



It is also popularly called as the Field of Dreams. It is the home soil of the Red Devils as well as carnival ground meant for the Red Army. It is well known fact that from the time when it was 1910, aficionado and supporters are purchasing Manchester United tickets to their home sports event at Old Trafford( except the era of World War II for 8 years when it was bombarded).Bobby Charlton, one of the most prominent players had named the sports ground as “Field of Dreams”. Sir Robert “Bobby” Charlton was not an unknown name for the people at that time. He was really very popular for his aggressive game on or after “Midfield” in addition to his brutal long-range shot. He was called as the “Ballon d’Or” European footballer in the year of 1966 and he successfully won the “FIFA World Cup”.

Old Trafford is the second-biggest English football sports ground which has the capacity of 76,212 Manchester United ticket purchasing cohorts. The great thing about this sports ground is that it has five-star rating given by UEFA and it is in the category of “UEFA elite stadium”. It is one of the two to get this honor. It has got the chance to host a lot of FA Cup semi-final contests as an equitable spot plus a small number of “English national football team” England intercontinental clashes. It has also get the chance to horde many other big competitions in “1966 FIFA World Cup”, “UEFA Euro 1996” as well as the “2003 UEFA Champions League Final”.

The playing field of Old Trafford is delimited by four roofed stands authoritatively identified as the North, East, South as well as West stands. Every stand has at least two tiers, apart from the South Stand. This stand has only one tier because of edifice precincts. The lower tier of every stand is divided into two segments which are called as lower segments and upper segments. The lower segments have been rehabilitated from patios where supporters stood in the beginning of 1990s. West Stand is the most famous stand at Old Trafford which is notably recognized as the “Stretford End”. Initially planned to embrace 20,000 supporters, the Stretford End was the very last stand to be enclosed plus in addition the final left over all-roofed stand at the land previous to the strained improve to seating in the beginning of 1990s.

Manchester United’s most intransigent fans called as The Red Army are placed at Stretford End. The majority of the clamor along with ambiance at Old Trafford originates from this stand. The noise of Red Army was compared to a jumbo jet elating off. It is almost unfeasible to catch a set in the Stretford End as the supporters that fill up this stand presubscribed to their Manchester United period tickets each year. It was a well known fact that Manchester United’s Red Army was one of the most iniquitous and the largest crowd of cohorts that British football has seen till now. The city would be in a pandemonium when the Manchester’s Red Army pursued their squad to a missing game. Everybody of the Red Army group would go by train, car, coach, and also by foot if required.

In the era of mid-seventies more precisely “1974-75 in English football” when Manchester United had been downgraded from the apex flight of English football and participated one period in the “Football League Second Division”, the Red Army did such bedlam at grounds up along with down the nation visiting sports ground a place where they outnumbered the home support at times, it showed the way to the preface of home with away supporter isolation and hurdling at football stadiums all the way through England. Now we cannot compare the recent days Red Army to its foil in 1970’s….80’s. There is no Manchester based fans club; it extends athwart the globe, with a supporter stand of more than 300 millions. All these people would always like to search out to Old Trafford. They really like to watch the game and also they want to understand the original nature of that atmosphere. It really makes very uphill task to purchase the tickets of Manchester United.{jcomments on}


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