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Created on 16 September 2010 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
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Published on 16 September 2010


On days preceding a competition, its probably a better idea to neutralize the intensity of soccer training. As a result of which top quality efforts can drawn from players in matches and exercises. Unfortunately most of the coaches are uncertain in their plan every time a tournament is near, and in reality they actually end-up intensifying the drill.

Adopt the policy of "less is more" for the best training, whenever a competition is near. Continue with the usual amount of intensity, but reduce the number of drills and duration. It needs adequate amount of inspiration to retain the functioning. Many coaches would do the exact opposite.

what leads to overstress and over strain is that not only the volume of training is increased but the intensity of drills is also raised. Consequently, when the day of the match comes, the players are either not in their best forms and even exhausted.

This holds true even for after match fitness. The players feel weary and fatigued with muscles sore and stiff after the match. Subsequently they would need a workout session to recover from the state of fatigue, which will allow them to regain their usual strength and feel refreshed with muscles getting relaxed.

But make sure that the workout routines are not varied. A normal 15-30 minutes of session is enough to perform the routines. Target the pressure accumulated in the muscles, due to the rigorous training throughout the competition.

Cool down exercises is the best known way to recover from post match fatigue. This type of training requires some time for cooling down the body without altering the normal blood flow. Include light exercises in your workout regime such as shuffling, skipping and carioca in addition to static stretching.

It is recommended for players to take hot or cold relaxing showers after returning home, for faster recovery.

Another stress related issue is training related anxiety, to reduce it conduct recovery sessions before, during and after the soccer training. Keep the sessions short and with adequate gaps for recovery sessions, it will not only help in reducing stress and fatigue but also improve performance of players.

With the progression of training sessions, reduce the intensity of activities, putting players in the best form for competitions.

Make sure heavy-duty soccer training days follow light workout days. Include a rest day between these training days. Perform All workout sessions accompanied with cool down sessions. Also include light movement drills, massage and stretch exercises in the session for effective recovery from soreness and damaged muscle tissues.

Integrate these post match training techniques in your sessions and have a team that is most of the time in-form, free of injuries, fit and full of energy. Our youth soccer coaching community offers tons of soccer resources in the form of articles, newsletters, videos etc. Benefit from these by enrolling today.


Adwait Kulkarni

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