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Created on 02 September 2010 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
Blog articles Category: Basket Ball
Published on 02 September 2010

Plenty of information and tips to aid you in jumping higher is available all over the web, but most of this information is misleading, as a result you will feel exhausted and your body and legs tired, with little to no improvement in your jumping

Bid adieu to the senseless workout techniques and training, and say hi to higher jumping ability. You are about to discover the most easiest secret that can spectacularly alter the prospect of your ability to jump higher for real.

The tips and techniques available anywhere on the internet give you a set of procedures you need to implement but they never demonstrate how to do it. 'To know' and 'to do' are two vastly separate ideas, there is a big difference between the two. The secret of jumping higher and dunking harder will not only tell you what to do but how to do it.

It doesn't matter what techniques and training you undergo for improving your vertical reach, Its completely essential and beneficial to concentrate on short term, quick and explosive workouts and training routine.

Many beginners make a common mistake of working out tenaciously for long periods of time, believing it will increase their vertical reach as their jumping muscles are exercised. Consequently they leave with a physical and mental fatigue without being able to fulfill their dream to dunk like Mike Jordan.

Prevent all this agony and concentrate on quick, explosive and short workouts. Do not give up your entire power just for doing more reps, as reps will only restrain you from wielding your maximum vertical reach.

Exercising this way will dramatically increase your jumping ability and you would dunk higher and stronger in the shortest amount of time.


Adwait Kulkarni

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