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Created on 30 August 2010 Written by Adwait Kulkarni (Admin)
Blog articles Category: Golf
Published on 30 August 2010

Golf technique - Adjusting to windTaking a short golf shot in the wind for instance, the 2nd or 3rd shot to the green would need some fine adjustments to be made. It would not be possible to use the normally chosen club because the wind would possibly deflect the ball off place ending up rough course or in the bunker.

The wind force is weakest at the ground. A good golf shot in the wind needs to keep the ball at low altitude. A general approach to accomplish the task is to use a longer club rather than a normal shorter one. The adjustments necessary to confine and balance the extra distance that would otherwise be made:

Executing the shot in the wind needs the same actual stance with the ball moved a little back in the picture. The shot needs to be made on the basis of the distance  required, but when hitting a 7 iron in place of a commonly required 9 iron, it would be necessary to position the ball a little distance behind the hands.

Wind shot needs the club to be gripped a little lower than the usual place, a couple of inches below would make all the difference.

Take only three-quarters of backswing on executing the shot in the wind, so to reduce the unnecessary extra distance that the ball would otherwise travel.

Do not take a full follow through, confine it only to three quarters of the way.

A simple restrained golf swing shot will keep the ball in low flight and not fly the whole distance to reduce the impact caused by wind that would otherwise be seen on a shot with shorter club. Keep on target more often with this technique.


I hope this will surly help you to adjust your technique!


Adwait Kulkarni

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